Rinca Island

Rinca Island

The Beauty of Rinca Island

In terms of landscape, Rinca Island is quite similar to Komodo Island. It features beautiful beaches and some hills. The land is mostly covered by a meadow. You may expect many wild animals here. In the beaches, there are some parked speedboats. They belong to the visitors. The water is stunning and warm. It also features some small corals. From the hills, you are able to witness astonishing sky and feel the calm atmosphere. With these nuances, you can spend a great holiday here.

Rinca Island is about 18,500 hectare. It is the home of about 2,000 Komodo Dragons. In fact, it is more than that of Komodo Island. Usually, tourists explore both Komodo and Rinca Island. They want to compare those giant lizards and see them with their own eyes. What makes these islands different from each other? In Rinca, you may find a Komodo Statue. The height is about 3 meters and it is located near to the dock gate. Once you enter the main gate, you can see some wild Komodos nearby.

These lizards live freely. Visitors shouldn’t be careless here. There are some rangers and they monitor these animals professionally. One thing, you should never carry snacks or foods. The giant lizards have a great nose. They are able to track foods from afar. That means they will come to you due to those lures. Not to mention they are aware of the blood smell. Women in their period shouldn’t enter the park. Only rangers can decide whether tourists can get around here or not.

There are different routes to explore Rinca Island. These include a short, medium, and long track. Each of them offers a distinct attraction. Visitors will get a company. A ranger may guide you during the trip. You are able to see Komodo’s nest. Here, these lizards may lay some eggs. For those who look for a better adventure, a longer route is available. It is also possible to climb the hills. When the weather is nice, you can see the vast and beautiful scenery from the top of the hills.

Rinca Island is only the beginning. There are other beautiful spots to visit. They are Motang, Kode, and Padar Island. The best spot is definitely Komodo National Park. It is located on Komodo Island. Next, you should head to Loh Liang National Park. It is situated near to Labuan Bajo. If you love an adventure, you can join Komodo Cruises. It is actually a daily tour. You need to talk to the management, though. It is situated in Soekarno Hatta Street, Labuan Bajo.

How to Get There

It takes about 2 hours from Labuan Bajo. Your destination is the gate of Loh Buaya or Rinca Island. The best time to depart is in the morning. You can see the sunrise while riding a speedboat. Once you reach the island, you need to meet an animal tamer. He will be your guide to explore this location.

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