Manta Point

Manta Point

A Majestic Sea-View in Manta Point

Manta Point is the most strategic location to witness Manta Rays. These creatures often pass by this spot peacefully. Their size is about 3 meters. They can hurt you easily. Though, they swim elegantly. Actually, the sea is warm. You only need to pay attention to its underwater current. It is quite strong. For beginners, it is better to dive in with an instructor. The sea doesn’t have lots of corals, actually. That means your main attraction will be the Manta Rays.

A preparation is a must. You should wear the equipment properly before diving. As stated before, you should have an instructor. He or she will be your partner during such adventure. Since it is sightseeing, you must carry an underwater camera. You should never miss the movement of those creatures. Don’t be careless in approaching them, though. They can be aggressive sometimes. The question is why these creatures gather at this point. The answer is simple. They are looking for foods, which are small jellyfishes.

In Manta Point, you may encounter jellyfishes. Getting stung is inevitable. Therefore, you should wear proper diving gear and equipment. Another obstacle is the underwater currents. It is a little bit difficult to move ahead while diving. A proper navigation is required. Make sure you don’t get swept by the currents. Also, don’t move too far from the location of the boat. Instead of diving against the current, you should follow it. This way, you are able to save much energy.

If you conduct a group diving, you should stick with your fellow divers. It will be a nasty experience if you are left behind. Once you approach the Manta Rays, you must not make a sudden move. That means you should be calm. It is also possible to touch them. Make sure you are accompanied by an instructor, though. A sudden move makes Manta Rays uncomfortable. Even though they aren’t as dangerous as other types of Manta, they have a big size. Their movement can hurt you, for sure.

How to Get There
Manta Point is also called Manta Alley. In order to reach this location, you should head to Komodo National Park. It is on Flores Island. You can rent a boat and an instructor. If you are an expert diver, you can enjoy marine sightseeing comfortable. The point is situated near to Gili Lawa. You can rely on a local boat service to reach this location. Don’t forget to bring the equipment like diving gears, a camera, etc. Also, you should never go alone. That’s all.

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