Komodo Village

Komodo Village

Visiting an Exclusive Komodo Village

Komodo Village doesn’t have many inhabitants. The size of the village is small. The villagers are mostly a fisherman. Though, some of them become a carver. Thanks to Putri Naga Komodo Ltd. This company has provided training to these villagers. Today, there are some professional carvers in here. A carver is able to create about 3-5 items daily. Their best product is wooden komodo carving. Tourists can find it in Komodo National Park. That means you can buy one as a souvenir.

Once you reach Komodo Village, you may see some houses. These are mostly made of wood. The village also features simple pavement. One thing, you shouldn’t expect many facilities nearby. A unique part is a dock. You can walk on it and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Some local boats are parked near to the dock. There are also several kids riding a boat. Despite their age, they are able to navigate the boat easily. This is a unique sight during your vacation.

The houses use a “Panggung” design. That means these have a hollow below. Villagers want to prevent Komodo dragons and other wild animals from entering their house. The pit is also useful to store some items. In some occasions, the owner uses it as a meeting place. Even though it is a unique village, it seems unmaintained. In fact, there is no electricity. The village relies on a generator. The villagers will turn it on in afternoon. They will turn it off at 10 pm. Most of the people make a living by fishing. The rest of them become a carver.

Komodo Village is a homely settlement. Even though it is a small village, it has some facilities like a school and a mosque. For visitors, it is recommended to visit local carvers. You can either watch or buy a komodo carving in this village. In fact, it is the most popular souvenir. Overall, the village can give an unforgettable experience to visitors. It is small yet beautiful. The best time to come here is during summer. It gives you the chance to meet some fishermen and their unique boats.

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