Komodo Island

Komodo Island

Komodo Island , home of Komodo Dragon

It is said Komodo Island is another hidden gem of the nation. The hills are similar to a desert landscape. Though, it features some beautiful beaches and wild bushes. The sea is calm so it is a perfect location for diving. Both the sky and the sea are blue. These make wonderful scenery. Once you reach the island, you are likely to explore it. The best attraction in this island is indeed Komodo dragons. There are other animals, too. Not to mention you can explore nearby islands.

Komodo dragons live on several islands. These include Komodo Island, Gili Motang, Kode Island, and Rinca Island. Tourists are allowed to witness this creature directly. Are you interested? Though, you should get a company. It is called Jagawana or an animal tamer. With his help, you are able to approach Komodo monitors safely. That means you should always follow his instruction. Also, you aren’t allowed to feed those lizards! During the trip, you may expect a savanna. It is better to wear boots.

Once you see Komodo dragons, it is time to explore the beaches. These feature beautiful white sand and corals. The waves aren’t too strong either. The water is blue and clear. Not to mention it is quite warm, especially during summer. Diving is another fun activity in Komodo Island. The sea features different types of coral reefs. You can also find many types of fishes like dolphins, whales, mantas, sharks, etc. On the land, it is mostly covered by a meadow. There are numerous types of grasses as well.

As mentioned before, the island is famous for its Komodo monitors. That doesn’t mean you can only find this animal. There are other wild faunas like snakes, birds, horses, and much more. All of them live comfortably on the island. Apart from animals, you can do more things. For example, it is trekking. The destination is Ara Mountain. During the trip, you may witness both beautiful scenery and animals. The best spot is Water Hole. It is the nest of Komodo dragons. These animals gather here for drinking and resting. Another thing to do is shopping. You can buy souvenirs in either Loh Liang or Loh Buaya.

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